Key Words: Healing, little helper nurturing, female powers, Grounding, meditation

Chakras: Root and Crown


Physical Can assist with arthritic pain, aid in lessening inflammation. It said that those who are recovering from radiation treatment can benefit from having this stone 

EmotionalCan assist dismantling defensive walls of old hurts, is known to dissolve flight or fight conditioning. Can bring positive to metal and emotional life. 

Spiritual: Stimulates psychic development and intuition, support the growth of Self.

Folk Lore;  Native Story of the Fairy Stone

The Natives called them “fairy stones” for hundreds of years. They often carried them as lucky charms when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions. Lovers offered the most beautiful : fairy stones” to their loves ones. The biggest specimens occupied a place of honor in their homes, or according to the legend, these special stones assured a protection against the bad spirits. They also brought good health and prosperity to the occupants of the premise. One of the main rivers where you find the fairy stones is the Harricana river, the second longest river in Canada so these “fairy stones” are at the origin of the name Harricana river. In effects, when the first Natives came up the river towards Abitibi, a stop on these beaches made them realize the presence of these strange pebbles which for them; strangely look like “biscuits”. This is the reason they named the river “Harricana” which means “river of biscuts” In Algonquin language.

These stones come from Northern Quebec.