The powers and uses of talismans, amulets, seals, magical figures from antiquity to present time. 

This is the most complete book of its kind. 

It should be of great interest to anyone interested in the occult. 

Here is a multitude of talismans charms, seals and other magical figures from many ages and cultures. 

They represent just about every desire of mankind. 

The search for love, wealth, health, power, revenge, good luck in gambling, protection, success, wisdom and more... 

The use of an alleged magical artifact or natural material to achieve one's desires or needs is as old as civilization. 

A talisman, be it referred to by that name, or as an amulet, seal, cross, charm, ouanga, etc. has one basic ability common to all of them. That ability is being able to help its possessor. 

The power will be of a specific type. A love talisman is for bringing love only and a wealth talisman is for bringing wealth only.