Author; Joanne Hampar

"Learn to interpret a language of symbols that describes your life's fullest potential."

A step-by-step approach to decoding the mysteries of your astrological chart

Have you ever wanted to learn how to read your astrological chart but thought it was too complex? Now "Astrology for Beginners" breaks down the language of the stars, making chart reading simple, informative, and fun.

From angles and aspects to Sun signs and chart patterns, professional astrologer and popular author Joann Hampar explains every major facet of your astrological chart.

Are you an enigmatic introvert on a mission to save the world like self-motivated Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio? A born entrepreneur like business-savvy Gemini Donald Trump? Chart patterns of these celebrities and more will help you better understand your own star-charted life path.

Straightforward and practical, this astrology book teaches you the basics of chart interpretation in just six chapters. You will gain invaluable insight into your own astrology and that of your loved ones as astrology's unique language of symbols is revealed.


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