Author; Michael Howard

This book traces the history & development of Celtic Paganism & Christianity specifically in Wales, but also in relation to the rest of the British Isles including Ireland, from the Iron Age to the present. A study of the transition between the pagan religions & Christianity & how the early Church, in the Celtic countries struggled with & later absorbed the earlier forms of spirituality, clearly seen in the development of Celtic Christianity when pagan & Christian beliefs co-existed, albeit in an uneasy & sometimes violent relationship. Also covers how the Roman Catholic version of Christianity arrived in England at the end of the 6th century & its effect on the Celtic Church; how Celtic Christianity was suppressed & the effect this was to have on the history & theology of the Church in the Middle Ages. The influence of Celtic Christianity on the Arthurian legends & the Grail romances is explored, as is the resurgence of interest in Celtic Christianity today.


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