The Angel of Wisdom offers one of the highest blessings; the ability to see the world as others see it.  That, say many of the wise ones in history, is the meaning of wisdom.  She helps us to see the needs of the other, for our own prosperity, and for their well-being.  She helps us to open to love; to appreciate the world around us, in spite of it’s imperfections. The Angel of Wisdom invites us to let go of the passing emotions and inner turbulence that stands in the way of insight.  Her way is not always easy, but in her wisdom, she knows that too.  And so she never abandons a person who has chosen her ways, but only waits, patiently, for the moments of our foolishness to pass.  The Angel of Wisdom loves the company of those hearts who are placid, serene, and know the value of solitude.  For that’s when we are the most open to her.

Pewter pendant (comes with cord)