We are a crafty bunch her at the shop, we are always adding to the Mystic Moons brand. Here we have Gem kits, Herbal kits, Handmade soap, Mystic Sprays, Essential oil blends and much more, all made by us here at the shop.

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Witches Brew Bath Salt


Witches Brew is a shop favorite blend. Releasing negativity from one's self/life. Taking back one's power and implementing independence, strength and courage.  Witches Brew Bath, is hand made by Mystic Moons using the highest quality salts, milk powder, herbs, and essential oils, this blend includes; Epsom Salts - can aid in healing and detoxifying the skin and body. Can help with...

Zodiac Sprays


Zodiac spray can be used in a room or on the person to raise your spirits and make you feel balanced and strong. The blend starts with gem water made using 4 stones chosen to elevate and balance the different attributes of each sign. The process of making the gem water is carefully timed to coincide with powerful celestial events....