We are a crafty bunch her at the shop, we are always adding to the Mystic Moons brand. Here we have Gem kits, Herbal kits, Handmade soap, Mystic Sprays, Essential oil blends and much more, all made by us here at the shop.

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Grief Gem Kit


This 5 stone kit is a wonderful aid for those who are experiencing Grief in their life. Each stone hand picked for this kit aids in calming and soothing the overwhelming sensation and emotion of Grief. Comes with instructions, a brief description of each stone and a white organza pouch.  

Grounding Gem Kit


This kit includes 4 gemstones that are associated with grounding, spiritual grounding and energetic grounding. Along with a white organza pouch, a description of each stone and how to use this kit to connected to your roots to firmly ground to the earth.  

Grounding Spell Candle


This Grounding Spell Candle is designed to aid you in rooting and anchoring your energy deep within the earth when life feels to out of place. - Hand carved, - Anointed with oil and - Charged to aid in your grounding, connect to the earth  - Comes with a mini spell. Made by; Mystic Moons

Love Gem Kit


This gemstone kit has 5 stones in it selectively chosen to enhance Love in all areas of One's life. Self Love, Unconditional Love, Attracting Love into One's life. Open your heart and receive this Universal Love.  

Love Spell Candle


This Love Spell Candle is designed to aid you in all matters of love. Whether you are seeking, attracting or enhancing this charged candle can help. 100% handmade by Mystic Moons, infused with our very own blend of love oil, and hand carved  - Charged to aid in you in all matters of love. - Comes with a mini spell....

Meditation Gem Kit


Includes 4 gemstones, description on how to use our kit, a brief description of the stones and a white organza pouch. This kit doesn't just help you to meditate, it aids in opening the blockages to allow the energy to flow while meditating and much more.