We are a crafty bunch her at the shop, we are always adding to the Mystic Moons brand. Here we have Gem kits, Herbal kits, Handmade soap, Mystic Sprays, Essential oil blends and much more, all made by us here at the shop.

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Chakra Gem Kit

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This kit includes, 7 stones (which we work with in store) A white organza pouch. A brief description of each stone, and a description on how to use cleanse, balance and or align your Chakras.

Chakra Spray 2oz


Our Shop made Chakra spray can be used to open your chakras where ever you go. Whether you are in the woods or in your home, it's a great alternative where incense can not be used.  You can spray on your body, around your environment and or any object(s)  100% all natural. Myrrh, clove, rose, ambergris, lavender, honeysuckle, orange essential oil,...

Cleopatra Milk Bath Salts


Cleopatra new how to pamper herself, and who doesn't want to feel like a queen? Cleopatra Milk Bath, is hand made by Mystic Moons using the highest quality salts, milk powder, herbs, and essential oils, this blend includes; Epsom Salts - can aid in healing and detoxifying the skin and body. Can help with sore muscles and dry skin. Dead...

Creativity Gem Kit

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This 5 stone Creativity kit, is great for all aspects of Creativity. Opening up the imagination, awakening the Muse within and more. Comes with instructions, a brief description of each stone and a white organza pouch.

Crystal Purification Spray 2oz


Our Shop made Crystal Purification spray can be used for those on the go. This new stray is designed to purify your gemstones wherever you are. You can spray on your body, around your environment and or any object(s)  100% all natural. Copal, Clove, Benzoin, Cedar, and Bay essential oil, and Alcohol FREE How to use our sprays; Gently shake. Spray on your...

Dark Moon Incense Smoke


Our Dark Moon Smoke Incense is handcrafted by us using 50% Local wildcrafed herbs, flowers and leaf. Use; In a none flammable dish, light a piece of charcol (make sure it's good and lite) place in dish and allow to catch for a moment.  Once the charcol is ready take a pinch of the smoke blend and place it on the...