We are a crafty bunch her at the shop, we are always adding to the Mystic Moons brand. Here we have Gem kits, Herbal kits, Handmade soap, Mystic Sprays, Essential oil blends and much more, all made by us here at the shop.

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Elemental Altar Kit

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Elemental Altar Kit contains;- 4 Obsidian carved palm stones (with each element)- Velvet pouch- Info sheet for each element. These kits are great for use on your altar at home or on the go.  

New Moon Spell Kit

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Made  by Mystic Moons. New Moon Spell kit includes; Candle candle Holder (metal) Gemstone   New Moon anointing oil (made by us) Organza bag  Herb mixture (made by us) (Ingredients: Pine, Wormwood & Angelica Root) Candle scribe (attached to each candle) Also includes detailed instructions on how to use the kit

Nine Magical Herbs Kit

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Mystic Moons has chosen what we think are the 9 most magical herbs to have in your collection.   Each kit contains 9 sample pack herbs and a 8 1/2 x 11 write up.  

Wheel of the Year Smoke Kit

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The Wheel of the Year Smoke kit presents a collection of incense smoke hand blended by us used by us for all Sabbats of the Pagan Wheel. Each kit includes 8 individual bottles of blended loose incense.  Samhain,Yule,Imbolc (Candlemas),Ostara (Spring Equinox)Beltane (May Day),Summer Solstice,Lammas (Lughnasadh,Mabon (Autumn Equinox), Includes a description of the kit and how to use the incense smoke blends...