We are a crafty bunch her at the shop, we are always adding to the Mystic Moons brand. Here we have Gem kits, Herbal kits, Handmade soap, Mystic Sprays, Essential oil blends and much more, all made by us here at the shop.

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Anti-Nightmare Gem Kit


This kit includes 4 gemstones that can help rid of nightmares and help provide a peaceful sleep. Along with a white organza pouch, a description of each stone and how to on how to use this kit. Sweet Dreams!!!  

Anti-Stress Gem Kit


Description coming soon.

Cancer Fighter Gem Kit


Includes 5 gemstones, description on how to use our kit and a white organza pouch. Fighting Cancer can have various emotional impacts. This kit is designed to aid those who are fighting cancer to add extra healing, emotional support and even an appetite to keep up your energy during this time.  

Chakra Gem Kit


This kit includes, 7 stones (which we work with in store) A white organza pouch. A brief description of each stone, and a description on how to use cleanse, balance and or align your Chakras.

Depression Aid Gem Kit

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Includes 4 gemstones, description on how to use our kit, of each stone and a white organza pouch. Depression is a serious illness, and this kit is designed to aid in everyday life. This kit doesn't get rid of depression but it will help those who suffer with this illness.  

Energizer Gem Kit


This 4 stone Energizer kit, is great for adding energy to your life. Designed for boosting energy especially during the winter months when our Vitamin D levels are low. Comes with instructions, a brief description of the stones and a white organza pouch.