Large sellection of sages, sweetgrass, smudge bowls and accesories

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Lion Paw Shell


Associated with the Birth of Venus this Lion Paw Scallop is great water dish or incense burner, its width lets you burn several herbs at a time, although the depth of the shell is not much but it can hold things very well.  

Mini White Sage Bundles


These tight bundles of California White Sage are a great addition to any ritual practice. Light one and allow the fragrant smoke to carry your prayer and magic. String color may vary. Size 4"  

Peacock Feather


Representing the pure soul, that can't be corrupted, in all it's majestic beauty and natural intricate patterns, colors, and designs the peacock feather is also believed to be adorned with the all seeing eye. The peacock is considered to be a sacred emblem, and holds a great significance for many, having a high symbolic natural status. Size: 9-12"

Sage & Cedar smudge stick


Combining the cleansing properties of sage and cedar, this smudge stick is great for use in rituals of purification. Approximately 5"

Sage & Copal smudge stick


This Sage and Copal smudge stick blends these two ingredients into a fantastic aid in cleansing people, places and items of negative energy and influence. 5"  

Sage & Lavender smudge stick


This smudge stick introduces Lavender to the traditional art of smudging, adding its calming influence to the purifying qualities of Sage within this Sage and Lavender smudge stick. Approximately 5"