Large sellection of sages, sweetgrass, smudge bowls and accesories

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Abalone Shell


The abalone shell with its iridescent interior has been used by many cultures for centuries for smudging. It can also be used as a water vessel on your altar. When not in use its a beautiful decorative piece. Please note, size will vary. 5-6.5"

California White Sage smudge stick


This large bundle of white sage has been gathered specifically for smudging, providing you with a great tool for your smudging ritual.   Sage is used to cleanse, protect or heal, the smudge have beneficial properties and help reconnecting with the power of our Mother Earth. Approximately 7 to 8”

Floral Carved Incense Smudge Pot #2


This pot is perfect for storing smudges, resin and other botanical or can be used for burning sage & smudge sticks and other botanicals. You can also use this as bowl burner for incense sticks, cones, charcoal burning resins by filling the bowl with sand and placing incense on top. 2.5" H x 4" D 

Sage & Cedar smudge stick


Combining the cleansing properties of sage and cedar, this smudge stick is great for use in rituals of purification. Approximately 5"

Sage & Lavender smudge stick


This smudge stick introduces Lavender to the traditional art of smudging, adding its calming influence to the purifying qualities of Sage within this Sage and Lavender smudge stick. Approximately 5"

Sage & Sweetgrass smudge stick


Sage and Sweetgrass have both been used for purification and cleansing, making this smudge stick a great tool for ritualistic blessings and prayers. Approximately 5"