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A Witch's Natural History


Author; Giles Watson Originally published as a series of essays in The Cauldron, is a meditation on the relationship between folklore and nature. The world’s dogmatic religions all have their devotional texts, and biological science, too, has its own rationalistic equivalents, from Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle to Richard Dawkins’s The Ancestor’s Tale. Natural historians have written their works of devotion to the works...

Ankh Ring (Medium)


Sterling Silver Size 6

Archangel Micheal Pendant


Sterling Silver 29.8mm, including bail x 19.6mm Many religions regard him as their guardian angel.  He is the champion of the people!  He is the embodiment of strength and compassion!

Ars. Alchemica


Author; Gary St. M. Nottingham To be an alchemist, traditionally one must gain access to the Philosophers’ Garden – but to advance into the garden one must be an alchemist.  ARS ALCHEMICA: Foundations of Practical Alchemy provides essential instruction to assist the student to gain ingress into this sacred realm. This work teaches the practical laboratory alchemy of the past masters and...

Bee Pendant


Sterling Silver

Bee Ring


Sterling Silver

Blood Agate Beads


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Branch Ring


Sterling Silver

Celtic Knot Dangle Earring


Sterling Silver 1 1/2 inch long dangle earrings

Celtic Tree of Life Studs


Sterling Silver 1/2 inch diameter stud earrings

Coiled Serpent Ring


Sterling Silver 12mm Wide - Extensive Life-Like Details - The snake or serpent represents fertility and the creative life force. Because they shed their sin they represent renewal, transitions and rebirth. They also have been known to have sexual representations and believed to be guardians of divine places.

Compass Pendant


Sterling silver approx 3/4 inch diameter