Mystic Moons carries a wide variety of products. 

Here is a taste of some of our Miscellaneous products. 

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Henna Kit


Coming with all that you need to create your own henna designs, this small henna kit is the perfect way to turn your body into a work of art in celebration or ritual craft. Contains;- Henna powder- Henna oil- Henna tattoo- Cotton ball- Wooden mixing stick- Design paper- Instruction manual- Cone dispenser

Hathor Sistrum


Hathor Sistrum Wonderful ringing sound and lovely traditional design. Lighter weight for longer playing time. Size; 13" Made of resin with metal jingles 

Bast Sistrum


Chants, songs, incense; the ringing jingle of the sistrum was central to Egyptian goddess worship. We have recreated this Egyptian sacred rattle to glorify Bast. Its tinkling evokes energy and a mood of good cheer. Egyptian Priestesses used sistrums to create a circle of protection around themselves and the deity image and to banish unwanted negative energy. Bast, the Sacred Cat, symbolized...