The Angel of Peace cannot stop war or conflicts between people.  Her wisdom lies in her ability to see that strife pollutes the lives of everyone who even hears about it.  Violence makes people afraid.  The Angel of Peace uses her powers to find ways to help each person find freedom from fear.  Her gift is in finding inner peace, without which we cannot appreciate the outwardly peaceful moments.  To be at peace, letting go of complaints against how this world is; to simply rest in contentment.  These are the blessings the Angel of Peace likes to give.  There is only one kind of person she cannot bless, those whose minds are always busy trying to make things happen, to fix things and to make things “right”.  She cannot help those who have the habit of always correcting others, or being critical of them.  Her magic works best with those who “live and let live”.  The Angel of Peace invites us to be content in an unsettled world.

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