The Angel of Harmony whispers to us to be at peace with those around us, and to find as much love and community as we can.  She is most at home with those who feel at home, especially with others. Her blessing is the one that helps a person forget a bad mood, so as to enjoy the company of others. But The Angel of Harmony has a higher magic too. One that people rarely see clearly, but that she goes on using for our good.  The harmony of each person with the whole cosmos, and their place in the world.  She knows that each voice in a chorus contributes to the whole, and that no signer sings well because they have to. Harmony happens when each singer really wants to be a part of the song. So she tries to help us see the place where we can each use our own voice.  The harmony that happens when people gather together with open hearts is the music of the spheres to her.


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