We have an abundance of loose herbs all packaged in 1oz. bags (unless other wise noted), each package has a write up provided for their magical use.

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Latin name; Asperula odorata, Galium odorata Uses; protection, prosperity, victory Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire

Wormwood 1 oz.


Latin name; Artemisia absinthium Uses; Psychic power, protection, love, calling spirits Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire

Yarrow 1/2 oz.

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Latin name; Achillea millefolium Uses; Courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism Energy; Female Planet;  VenusElement; Water  White yarrow write yup coming soon

Yarrow 1oz.

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Latin name; Achillea millefolium Uses; Courage, love, psychic powers, exorcirm Energy; Female Planet;  Venus Element; Water