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Abalone Shell


Key Words: Communication, Cooperation, Commitment & Compromise; Family & Motherhood. Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Element: Water Physical:  Helps arthritis, joint disorders, muscular problems, the heart and the digestive system; Strengthens immune system, energizes the body. Emotional: Harmony in relationships,  Help with anxiety and stress related issues. Spiritual: Stimulates psychic development and intuition, support the growth of Self. Folk Remedies; it...



Key Words: Truth, Communication, Harmony Chakras: Heart, Throat Element: Water Planet; Uranus Physical: Aids Cellular Regeneration, Healing from Trauma, Gout, Arthritis Emotional: Facilitates releasing fear of Judgment or Conflict, Finding Inner Freedom Spiritual: Receiving and Communicating Higher Knowledge, Speaking Truth   Folk Remedies; Believed to aid in the effect of the throat, thyriod, thymus, nerve and brain paths by gently...



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Key Words: Mind/Heart Integration, Spiritual Connection, Compassion, Psychic Ability, Emotional Healing Chakras: Heart, Crown, Etheric Element: Earth, Wind Physical: Supports Overall Healing, Recovery from Injury, Is Beneficial to the Heart Emotional: Releasing Emotional Wounds, Learning to Trust and Love Spiritual: Facilitates Connection with Devine Love  



Keywords: Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addiction, Dreams, healing, peace, love, courage and happiness Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Element: Water Planet; Jupiter & Neptune Physical: Overcoming Addictions, Tinnitus, Nerve Disorders, Aids Oxygenation of the Blood Emotional: Helps Clear Negative or Addictive Emotional Patterns Spiritual: Facilitates Conscious Connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and Source Folk Remedies; It is said...

Amethyst Cluster


Keywords: Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addiction, Dreams, healing, peace, love, courage and happiness Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Element: Water Planet; Jupiter & Neptune Physical: Overcoming Addictions, Tinnitus, Nerve Disorders, Aids Oxygenation of the Blood Emotional: Helps Clear Negative or Addictive Emotional Patterns Spiritual: Facilitates Conscious Connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and Source Folk Remedies; It is said...



Key Words: Mental and Spiritual Clarity, Decisiveness Chakras: Solar Plexus, Crown Element: Wind, Fire Physical: Stimulates Metabolism and Digestion, Enhances Brain function Emotional: Aids in Overcoming Fear and Insecurity, Finding One's Own Power Spiritual: Facilitates attuning to Devine Inspiration and acting on Inner Guidance  



Key Words: Cleansing, Comforting, Protective, Friendly Chakras: Root, Third Eye Element: Storm Physical: Acts as an overall strengthener of One's constitution Emotional: Provides Replenishment of the Emotional Body, Psychic Protection Spiritual: Provides Connection with Devine Realms, Protection of One's Energy Field


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Key words; Angelic communication, serenity, expanded awareness. Chakras; Throat, Third and crown Element; Wind Physical; Supports bone density and health; helps with arthritis, healing fractures. Emotional; Encourages clear and compassionate communication. Spiritual; Facilitates angelic communication, developing spiritual gifts.

Angelite Rough


 Help see the best in everyone with the aid of Angelite, this natural untamable blue stone infused with white/brown, is an angelic energy stone, that can help raise your vibration and bring awareness, help one feel safe, and be loved. Balance your energy , and face without fear.  Rough Size; 1" x 1 1/2" - 1 1/4" x 2 ***More...

Apache Tear


Key words; Grounding, protection, psychic attunement, emotional healing Chakras; Root, Heart Element; Earth, Fire Planet; Saturn Physical; Supports strength and stamina, boosts immune system Emotional; Clears negative thought patterns, heals emotionals wounds. Spiritual; Appreciation of physical life, protection from negative forces Magical; Carried as a good luck charm by the wearer.

Apatite (blue)


Key word; Psychic activation, access to knowledge Chakras; Third Eye Element; Wind Physical; Helps calm headaches, overcome vertigo, improve eyesight. Spiritual; Aids exploration of past lives, lucid dreaming, dream recall. 


Aqua Aura

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Key words; Calming and relaxing, connection with spiritual realms, enhanced communication, psychic protection. Chakra; Throat, Third Eye Element; Water Physical; Cooling fever, relieving stress, cleansing the auric field.



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Key words; Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication, purification, peace and courage Chakras; Throat, Heart Element; Water Planet; Moon Physical; Helps with sore throats and throat conditions, inflammatory illness Emotional; Good for calming anger, relieving stress, expressing true emotions. Spiritual; Speaking one's deepest truth, meeting the Divine Feminine. Magical; It is said that Aquamarine is the stone of the Sea Goddesses...

Arabic stone


This stone get's is name from the patterns formed that resembles the Arabic Alphabet. It is a fossilized stone make from bone, vegetation and shell fragments. This stone aids in keep a cool head in volatile situations and helping to create positive results from seemingly hopeless situations. 



Key words; Calming, Grounding, Stabilizing, Earth-Healer Chakras; Base Element; Earth Physically; Aragonite is stone that makes you feel comfortable an well within your own body. Spiritual; Aragonite stabilizes spiritual development that is out of control.  



Key word; Journey stone, energetic downloading Chakras; Crown Element; Wind Physical; it de-energizes and restructures habitual patterns  Spiritual; Aids in transition of all types, Cycles of birth, death and rebirth 



Key words; Self-knowledge, link with one's Divine blueprint Chakras; All Element; Storm Physical; Assists in over coming addiction and boredom, promotes the zest of self-discovery. Emotional; Aids in overcoming depression and boredom, stimulates the zest of self-discovery. Spiritual; Inspires realization of multidimensional self and life purpose 



Key words; Past lives, stress, peace,  Chakras; All Element; Earth Physical; Encourages you to complete projects already set in motion.  Spiritual; Great for spiritual evolution, aids in recognizing the right use of power and the true nature of spiritual empowerment.

Auralite 23 (Canadian)


Key words; Union with Higher Self, inner purification, increased physical sensitivities,  visionary consciousness  Chakras; All  Element;  Storm Physical; Initiates cellular purification, can dispel chronic problems Emotional; Inspires joy with meeting one's higher self Spiritual; Enhances physic ability, links one to the Magic presence.



Key words; Grounding, endurance, vitality, inner exploration Chakras; Root and Third Eye Element; Storm Physical; Supports general healing, vitality, energizing the body Emotional; Aids conflict resolution, cooperation, inner harmony Spiritual; Brings awareness of other spiritual planes, past-life memory

Bird's Eye Jasper


Write up coming soon.

Black Agate


Key words; Strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing,  Energy; Protective Planet; Mercury  Element; Fire - Protective stone, can also be used to encourage successful  competition  Magical; Agate has been known to increase the plants fertility and ensures a bountiful crop or healthy flowers. Can be worn as an amulet of protection for child so they do not fall and worn by adults...

Black Diopside


Key words; Healing, balance, subtile perception. Chakras; Heart and Root Element; Earth Physical; Supports tissue regeneration, recovery of strength, reproductive organs Emotional; Aids with relaxation, release of stress, embrace of physical life.  Spiritual; Facilitates communion with Earth, grounding, geomancy, love

Black Moonstone


Key words; Protection, Dark Moon, divination, rebirth Chakras; Third Eye and Crown Element; Wind and Water  Planet; Moon Physical; Aids increasing stamina and concentration especially during studying Emotional; Inner tranquility, calmness, patience, helps to stabilize rocky relationships Spiritual; Stimulates deep inner reflection, aids in learning the deep mysteries of thy self.

Black Obsidian


Key Words: Psychic Protection, Grounding, Cleansing of Negativity, Spirit communication, Dinination, Peace Chakras: Root Element: Fire  Planet; Saturn Physical: Aids in Healing Issues caused by Unprocessed Shadow Material Emotional: Helps Dispel Self-Judgment and Self-Sabotage Spiritual: Facilitates Psychic Cleansing, Grounding, Protection, Spirit Communication Folk Remedies; It is believed that black obsidian draws imbalances to the surface and helps to release them. It is...

Black Onyx


Key Words: Inner Strength, Focused Attention, Willpower, Self-Mastery, Discipline, Reason Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye Element; Fire Planet; Mars and Saturn Physical: Aids in Recovering Strength and Vitality After Illness Emotional: Exerts a Calming Influence, Engenders Confidence and Power Spiritual: Encourages Persistence, Willpower, Enhances Mental Ability


Black Tektite

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Key word; Connection with ET's, Telepathic communication, raising one's vibrational level. Chakras; All Element; Storm Physical; Supports the body in integrating high-frequently energies. Emotional; Helps starborns overcome homesickness and loneliness Spiritual; Increases psychic sensitivity, enhances telepathic link to ET's 


Black Tourmaline

$4.85 $4.40

Key words; Purification, Protection, Grounding Element: Earth Planet; Saturn Physical: Supports Purification of the Body, Eliminates Toxic Substances Emotional: Helps Dispel Worry, Judgement, Fear, Anger, Shame and Other Toxic Emotions Spiritual: Aids with Cleansing and Grounding of the Energetic Field  



Key Words: Strength, Courage, Purification, Vitality, courage, legal matters, business, halting bleeding Chakras: Root Element: Earth and Fire Planet; Mars Physical: Aids Detoxification, Blood Purification, Liver and Endocrine System Emotional: Inspires Courage to Face Illness and Mortality, Altruism, Zest for Life Spiritual: Facilitates Dispelling Negative Energies, Entering Christ Consciousness Folk Remedies; It is said to be the most recommended stone...

Blue Aventurine


Key words; Psychic attunement, self-discipline, inner strength,peace, healing, luck Chakras; Third Eye Element; Air and Water Planet; Mercury  Physical; Supports hormone balance, respiration, circulation, health Emotional; Aids in achieving emotional maturity, self-discipline Spiritual; Enhances physic and intuitive capacities 

Blue Calcite Rough


Blue calcite is a wonderful stone for healing and magic, where it is believed to be a powerful stone of protection and grounding, that can yet help empower your energy within your spells and rituals. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count.

Blue Kyanite


Key words; Inner bridges, psychic ability, past-life recall Chakras; All Element; Storm Physical; Support healing of severed nerves and other neurological problems  Emotional; Aids in dissolving repeating dysfunctional emotional patterns Spiritual; Stimulates the Third eye and psychic abilities 

Blue Lace Agate


Key Words: Communication, Clarity, Confidence Chakras: Throat Element: Water Physical: Supports Healing of Sore Throat, Laryngitis, Thyroid Problems, Speech Impediments Emotional: Calms the Emotional Body, Aids Confidence in Communication,  Helpful for Releasing negative habits of Interaction and Speech Spiritual: Helps One Communicate One's deepest truth, Enhances Communication with Inner Guides and Connection with One's Inner Wisdom  Magical; Aids in reducing household quarrels...

Blue Obsidian


Write up coming soon.

Blue Onyx


Write up coming soon

Blue Quartz


Said to bring peace and tranquility to those who wear it.

Blue Tiger Eye


Also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye Keywords: Foresight Chakras: Third Eye, Throat Element: Air, Fire Planet: Mercury Physical: Is said to assist those healing on a metabolic level. Emotional: Helps the troubled and confused mind find clarity.  Also said to help those struggling with a fear of flying. Spiritual: Use when working to sharpen psychic abilities of all kinds (Clairvoyance, remote viewing, astral travel...) Folk...

Blue Topaz


Key words; Enhancement of mind and communication Chakras; Throat and Third Eye Element; Fire Physical; Support healing of sore throat, speech impediments, hyperactive thyriod Emotional; Aids clear communication of one's deepest feelings Spiritual; Enhances meditation, psychic abilities, communication of deep insights


Boji Stones

$89.70 $53.82

Boji Stones are very good balancing and grounding stones.  They keep you firmly in the Present.  They come in a pair, one Male and one Female to help balance and energize.  They help to reveal and release old negative energies, and to heal old emotional wounds.  Each pair is unique and may not be exactly as shown on the picture....

Brandenburg Quartz


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Breciated Jasper


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Key words; Playfulness, joy, vitality, sexuality, creativity, dreams, initiation Chakras; Root Element; Fire Physical; Supports sexual organs, digestive system, endocrine system Emotional; Encourages enjoyment of physical life, playfulness in relationships Spiritual; Inspires awareness of one's unity with All


Calcite Fairy Stone

$8.05 $7.30

Key Words: Healing, little helper nurturing, female powers, Grounding, meditation Chakras: Root and Crown Element:  Physical:  Can assist with arthritic pain, aid in lessening inflammation. It said that those who are recovering from radiation treatment can benefit from having this stone  Emotional: Can assist dismantling defensive walls of old hurts, is known to dissolve flight or fight conditioning. Can bring positive to...



$2.30 $2.09

Key Words: Courage, Vitality, Sexuality, Confidence, Action, protection, peace, healing Chakras: Root, Sexual/Creative, Solar Plexus Element: Fire Planet; Sun Physical: Supports Strength, Vitality, Sexuality, Detoxing from Alcohol or Drugs Emotional: Increase One's Courage and Enthusiasm Spiritual: Aids in Overcoming Hesitation, Finding Courage to Grow Spiritually   Magical uses; Used in Ancient Egypt as a protection amulet for the living and...

Cat's Eye


Key Words; Wealth, Gambling, Protection, Healing Chakras; Element; Earth Planet; Venus Physical; said to aid eye diseases Emotional; Spiritual; Magical; Used in money spells  

Cat's Eye Tourmaline


Key words: Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness Chakras: Heart Element: Water Physical: Supports healthy function, emanates prana for all living things Emotional: Aids in achieving inner peace through centering in the heart Spiritual: Encourages one to embrace the spirituality of physical life. Magical: Helps connect to one's instinctual wisdom.  Can also be useful in remote viewing work and distance magic.  Can be used as a mirror to repel...

Chalcedony (Blue)


Key words; Calm, balance, contentedness, inner knowledge Chakras; Throat and Third Eye Element; Water Physical; Aids with issues of the throat and laryns, voice problems Emotional; Encourages release of inhibitions, clear communication of truth Spiritual; Enhances telepathy, past-life recall, spiritual counseling



Key words; Revealing one's path of service, purging inner negativity, protection, healing Chakras; Third Eye, crown, Solar Plexus and Root Element;  Wind Physical;  Aids in over coming illness caused by past-life attachments Emotional; Helps one to dispel nightmares, overcoming fears, unconditional love  Spiritual; Initiates psychic protection, etheric purification, more synchronicity