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Yellow Calcite


Keywords: Release, Forgiveness, Mending bridges Chakras: Solar Plexus Element: Water Planet: Neptune Physical: Useful in the detoxification of all digestive organs. Emotional: Assist in healing self-esteem issues caused by past neglect or abuse.  Spiritual: Clears old grudges and hurts allowing us to move ahead in our lives without fear. Folk Remedies: Yellow calcite is said to help in digestive and liver issues by helping to remove blockages.   Magical: Use...

Yellow Jasper


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Yellow Labradorite

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Keywords: Strength, Confidence, Clarity, Will Power  Chakras: Solar Plexus Element: Fire Planet: Mars Physical: Said to aid in detoxifying and purifying the body. Emotional: Helps build self-esteem and empowerment. Spiritual: Enhances confidence in abilities and heightens spiritual awareness.   Magical:  Use in prosperity rituals or when setting specific intentions.