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Therapeutic Infused Oils

$14.95 $10.00

Handcraft infused oils by Desiree from Blue Moon in Oromocto NB Burn Rescue - Can be a wonderful aid in soothing and repairing burned skin. Made from a combination of Calendula, Comfrey, Lavender, Plantain, and xtra virgin olive oil. These herbs are a power house of awesome for relaxation, bringing calm and peace. His&Hers After Shave; Can be a wonderful...


Pyramid Water 4oz.

$5.80 $2.90

Charge beneath an energetically aligned Pyramid, this Pyramid water is of great use in empowering your ritual crafts.  


The Gates of Witchcraft: Twelve Paths of Power, Trance and Gnosis

$35.60 $32.00

Author; Christopher Penczak Many roads - one destination: that alternate state of consciousness associated with magick and witchcraft. In The Gates of Witchcraft, award-winning author Christopher Penczak looks at twelve different "gateways" of trance and gnosis, twelve different paths for changing our consciousness to go deeper and get more in touch with the magick within. From meditation and breath-work to...


Scarab Plush sm

$25.55 $17.55

L: 5.5" x W: 3.75" x H: 2.5" Write up coming soon. 


Osiris Pen

$11.50 $8.65

Hand casted from resin and refillable this Osiris Pen will be your go to pen. Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted. L: 6" x W: 1"


The Little Book of Angel Healing

$25.25 $23.00

Author Kimberly Marooney  Angel healing in your pocket!This is the ultimate angel health reference book. The premise here is that we are not alone. Each of us has access to divine healing and guidance from the first responders of the heavenly realm: the angels. This is a book that explains how to tap into the healing power of angels and...


Carved Lord Ganesh Wooden Box

$35.20 $28.75

Hand carved Lord Ganesh wooden box from India. Size; 5" x 7"


A Cunning Man's Grimoire

$97.75 $75.95

Author; Dr. Stephen Skinner & David Rankine Originally a handbook for a working sorcerer, this book includes a wealth of magical workings in addition to a treasure trove of critical astrological information, including a unique set of astrological tables that are generally absent from other grimoires. Going beyond the planetary days and hours, A Cunning Man's Grimoire reveals detailed aspects of timing...


Ancestors of the Craft

$40.15 $34.50

Author; Christopher Penczak Modern pagans are heirs to a rich confluence of traditions from numerous pioneers in the realms of Spirit who have passed beyond the Veil. Ancestors of the Craft honors these ancestors, some widely known, others obscure, but no less deserving. A wide range of authors have contributed looks at important figures and elders in the history of...



$99.95 $70.00

Board Game


Om Bracelet Silver

$34.50 $28.75


Heads of Pan

$45.50 $34.50

Black with gold accents.  9.25 inches tall (color is slightly different than the picture)