Candles of all kinds: from Pillars, Tappers, Votive, to Mini, Candle holders, Candle kits and more.

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Jinx Removing - Blessing Kit


The negative thought, actions and intentions of others can collect in your energy creating discord and bad luck in your life. Use this triad of votives to burn away the energy that is jinxing you and protect you from further attacks. "All discordant energies that surround me are cut and sent into the earth. I transform thoughts and emotions that...

Luck - Blessing Kit


Create your own luck with this triad of candles. The lucky energy of the sun, the transforming properties of fire and the power of green prosperity combine to create a path straight to your own pot o' gold.  "I have no time to waste, I need luck now. I borrow lucky energy to get the job done and I repay...

Miracles - Blessing Kits


Your miracle is only a wish away. Thoughts first manifest in the astral realm and it is the love your heart that brings them into physical being. With this triad, open your heart to the healing powers that are waiting to bring this miracle to pass.  "The power of a miracle lies within my heart. I open to the powers...

Truth Spell - Blessing Kit


This Blessing Kit comes with a warning; often we know the truth but do not want to see it. When you use this triad of votives, the blinders come off and you can no longer hide from the whole truth. "Experience, action, perception and emotion blend to form my personal truth. I transcend those limitations and can see the universal...