Dragon's Blood Soap


I am power, I am protected! 100% all natural and vegan friendly product. Dragon's Blood Soap is used to increase courage, protection, and personal power. It can be used to aid in money drawing, cleansing and healing spells, and It smells great too! Made in Irishtown New Brunswick  *Packaging may differ from photo

Sacred Sage Bars


I am wisdom! 100% all natural and vegan friend product. Sacred Sage Bar was created so you can be use it as a tool to consecrate and cleanse thy self before any spiritual practice or Ritual. Whether you are a shower person, a bath person, or just cleansing your hands before your workings this is a great product to have...

Sandalwood Soap

Sold Out

I am but a whisper in the wind! 100% all natural and vegan friendly product. Sandalwood soap has a activated Charcol to aid in purification and cleansing. It is used to connect with energies of the Spirit world, protection, exorcism, healing.   Made in Irishtown New Brunswick