Bitter Feet Symphony Foot Salve

$28.75 $21.00

Bitter Feet Symphony ~ Healthy Feet Foot Salve moisturizes and repairs the skin on dry, tired feet. Feet appear smoother, replenish dry cracked skin and protect the skins moisture barrier. Made in Riverview NB   


Face Magic Elixir

$46.00 $36.80

This powerful potion can be used day and night. It firms, lightens, brightens, smooths the texture of the skin, repairs, plumps and protects. Want to know more about the ingredients? Hibiscus has a sort of magical reputation in skin care because it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Chemical forms of these acids can be overly harsh and...


Island Bliss Balm

$34.50 $27.60

Made with Coconut oil infused with vanilla beans, mint leaves and locally sourced bees wax. This Body Moisturizer quenches dry thirsty skin from head to toe. Protect your skins moisture barrier, and let this tropical fragrance of vanilla and mint take you to the beach when you can't get there. ___________________________________________________________________ How to use; Apply a pea size amount where...


Salve Yourself - Warming Balm

$23.00 $20.00

Made with grapeseed oil, infused with locally grown dried cayenne peppers, and locally sourced beeswax. ll natural warming salve, making it perfect for helping you relax after a long day. As soon as you open up the jar and smell this product, you will instantly feel warm and cozy. When applied, the cayenne gently warms up the skin providing soothing...