Candles are in our everyday lives, from birthday's, religious worship, anniversaries, prayers, spells, and these are to just name a few.

However, the candle is most important to a Witch, as 1 candle can become the embodiment of the very thing the Witch is focused on and becomes much more then just a tool. The Witch's cuboard is full of all kinds of ingredients but you will always find they will have Candles. All shapes, sizes, colors and various types of wax. Each candle has their individual purpose and importantance to the Witch.

I have been teaching this workshop for over 10 years and each time it changes and evolves.

In this revised 2 part version of The Art of Candle Magic we will not only look at and explore what magic is and its history, we will also look at the anatomy of the candle and we will be exploring the various sizes, shapes and colors along with the various types of wax and how they are used in our magical workings.

Dates; October 10th and October 17th.
Time; 6:30pm to 9:30pm (both dates)
Cost; $80.00 - etransfer or cash only
Payment is made in advance to hold seat, seats are limited. etransfer is made to    pw;candlemagic
**Please contact the shop with your name and phone # before sending etransfer.

Workshop includes;
-Workbook (contains, diagrams, charts, and more, roughly 50 pages (there will be homework)
- Candle kit - includes
- Various candles (sizes, shape and colors)
- Oil
- Powder
- Carver

The kit alone is worth well over $100.00 just in candles

We will explore all the conponets of the Candle kit and what each is used for and why.