We will be operating at reduced hours until further notice. Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm  Closed on Sunday. 
Effective October 9th 2020 10am it will be mandatory to wear face mask when entering into Mystic Moons. Please see Government of NB website for clarification on mask protocols. (people exempt from this is those with documented Medical conditions) Mystic Moons and it's staff have the right to refuse service on clients wishing to just not wear a mask. 
  • We ask clients do not bring the whole family at this time, we encourage 1 household shopper at a time.
  • We understand the position of single parents and ask that child/ren be at the parent's side at all times. 

No, beverages or open food allowed in the shop. This also includes staff.

No, washroom on site. Please map out accessible public washrooms.

A table is set up in front of the cash to ensure 6 feet distance from Staff and Customer. Customers are to be behind the table at all times. 

The staff of Mystic Moons are required to wear a face mask at all times. 

Sanitizer is set up at various bulk sections to allow for handling of items such as Gemstones, Incense, Candles, Books & Herbs. If you can not sanitize due to whatever reason, then we will pick these things for you. Please browse the website before arriving to the shop. If you wish to make a list of items you would like to see closer, that would be great.

Be mindful that social distancing is still required. 6 tiles on the floor insure 6 feet distancing.

Cash, Debit & Credit are accepted. We have tap and we have implemented a no contact method for handling of cash.

We are here to assist you in anyway we can while continuing to bring the level of magic & customer service you know and love.

Blessed Be!

  • May 15, 2020
  • Mystic Moons