Date; May 25th
Location; Mystic Moons Books&Brews 531 Main St. Moncton
Time; 1pm to 4:30pm

Come explore an afternoon of magic with Sarah Lady Rose and see what hides in your back yard or just around the corner of where you live, work or play. New Brunswick is rich in many things and did you know that a good portion of what we use in our magical cupboards can be found right here? Let us explore the many magical trees, plants, and flowers for all magical workings like protection, purification, divination, love, prosperity and much much more. How can they be used for these modalities that are listed above?

In this workshop we will look at local lore, how to connect to the local land and spirits. We will learn how to identify these various plants, trees and flowers, and where they may be found.

We will learn how and when to harvest, we will also look at techniques in drying and storing and how tying it into the phases of the Moon and magical days of the week. We will learn some of the appropriate offerings to give in thanks to what it is you take.

We will learn about what a “magical medica” is and how to fill it out for personal use and reference in learning what you find.

Cost; $45.00 (This includes all materials)
- Handouts
- plant and tree material

Deposit of $15.00 is required at registration. Cash or etransfer only
Please contact Mystic Moons either by phone (506)384-6666 or by email;

Etransfers can be sent to the shop email and please identify who you are. Use pw herbmagic

  • April 11, 2019
  • Mystic Moons