I (Sarah) am back and delighted to be teaching once again. After taking a couple of years away to concentrate on the shop and my little family I am super excited to be back. My first workshop in which I am pleased to share with you is “Candle Magic”.

Candles are an everyday part of our lives, we light candles for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, relaxing and prayers. These are but a few examples candles are used. Candles are so much more then we could ever think them to be. Candles can be and in some cases are very important to the a witch's magical practice.
Date; September 23rd.
Time; 1:00pm to 4:00pm

What we will learn in the workshop
- What is Candle Magic?
- The Anatomy of a Candle
- Preparing your Candle
- The Language of Candles
And much much more

Cost $45.00 - This includes
- Work book
- Candles
- Oil
- And carver

Please note that there is limited seating. Pre-registration is required to save your seat. Payments accepted are either cash in store or etransfer shop@mysticmoons.ca (PW; candlemagic)
Please call Mystic Moons at #384-6666 register first before sending etransfer please.

**For those who may be wondering if you attended one like this, yes this is the same workshop I did at the old location 3 1/2 years ago.
  • August 27, 2017
  • Mystic Moons